Panel Factory

Panels Factory is a team dedicated to the design and assembly of electrical and electronic systems.

Our goal is to provide customers with:

Our main service areas are:

Types of Panels


  • Automation
  • Communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Interposition

Low Voltage

  • Motors Control (CCM's)
  • Protection, Control and Measurement Panels (PC&M)
  • Equity services according to CFE specifications
  • Distribution Switchgear and Lighting

Medium Voltage

  • Metal Clad
  • Protection Control and Measurement (PC&M)
  • Isolated Phase Bus



  • In SIGRAMA, we can model, draw, calculate, and record technical information using the design software for:

  • The Modeling of the Distribution of each Panel seeking to:
    • Optimize the spaces of the equipment and materials to be integrated.
    • Determine wiring routes design
    • Calculate distribution components to minimize the inaccuracydegree during the engineering development.


SIGRAMA, features this resource for design, drawing, calculation and record technical information for:

3D Virtual modeling for Assembly and Distribution of the Panels to:

  • Minimize inaccuracy degree before the Assembly and Distribution of Equipment and Material with its actual characteristics and measurements