Expertise Areas

Automation and Control 

We understand that every day automation and control processes are vital in the industry, that's why SIGRAMA has a multidisciplinary engineers staff with programming experience in PLC, DCS (distributed control systems) and visualization systems of leading brands in the market. This helps our customers to accomplish the market requirements and achieved processes efficiency. 

Industrial Communications

SIGRAMA has experience implementing communication devices in hole industry. This gives our clients an advantage in decision-making. Field networks are responsible for collecting the information of all instrumentation and intelligent devices. This information is vital in every decision made.

SIGRAMA has developed solutions with existing networks in the market such as Siemens Profinet, Fieldbus Fundation, Ethernet industrial, Profibus DP, PA, Rockwell DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet IP, etc.

Wireless: Telemetry

With telemetry system is possible to monitor and control from a remote node different parameters of several equipments.

Sending information is typically performed using wireless communications (GSM/GPRS, RADIO, SATELLITE), although it can also be done by wire (RTC, copper).

The parameters that can be monitored with this system are:


  • Pressure,
  • Flow,
  • Flow pressure tank

Water quality levels

  • Chlorine residual,
  • Temperature,
  • PH


  • Consumption electrical,
  • Amperage,
  • Phase current,
  • Voltage between phases,
  • Power Factor


  • Starting and stopping of pump,
  • Pump status,
  • Intrusion in the wheelhouse,
  • Opening of solenoid valve operation


SIGRAMA offers design and assembly of different panels:

  • Electronic: The design and assembly of control panels for automated machines or control system.
  • Protection, Control and Measurements Cabinets (PC&M): Regarding protection equipment, measuring, and fault recorders we have Distribution Lines offering the highest quality equipment, meeting the specific needs of our clients.
  • Low Voltage: Motor Control Center (MCC's) / Electrical Panels / Switchgear and Switchboards, Distribution and Lighting Panels, Transfer Panels. We base our offer on customer requirements in terms of technical needs, brand preferences and standards (NEMA / IEC).
  • Medium Voltage: Metal Clad / Protection, Control and Measurement (PC&M), Isolated Phase Bus, Transfer Panels. We develop the solution according to the requirements using the best equipment available in the industry.

Home Automation and Video Surveillance

Residential Houses

  • Indoor / Outdoor Lighting control
  • Shutters Control
  • Control of Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Remote control for telephonic handling of household electronic devices.

In Buildings and Productive Plant control

  • Access control
  • Closed circuits and television (CCTV)
  • Staff monitoring and Actives
  • Control and Monitoring HVAC
  • Presence simulation


SIGRAMA offers HMI as a way to present data to an operator (human) and through which the process can be controlled, by special devices such as operator panels or computers.

Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs are heavy-duty equipment that can handle an abrasive environment, without losing its processing ability, expansion possibilities, reliability, great flexibility and high quality.

Identification Systems and Management of Materials

SIGRAMA has the ability to implement solutions in access control and production control, implementation of control systems for the production process by using for example, barcode for material handling, among others.


Instrumentation is required in almost every process of any plant to measure temperature, pressure, pH, level, speed, weight, density, flow, etc.

SIGRAMA can also offer the Supervision of the installation wiring duct mounting and cabling route Pathways, for all instrumentation as well as control system in:

  • Analog.
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Intelligent Instrumentation
    • Profibus PA
    • Fieldbus Foundation
  • Wireless
  • Hart

Motion and Speed Control

Be it for production machines or for tools machining, SIGRAMA offers experience and technology that allows our customers to precisely control movement and speed.


Many times it is possible to obtain maximum performance with the existing plant and equipment; you only need to make improvements on the same machinery.

In SIGRAMA we offer you the possibility of carrying out these projects through us, or if need, the study to find out the best way to meet your needs.

Asset Management (Engineering projects)

The basis for an efficient operation is the development of a GOOD engineering project in the electrical area, in terms of power, control, automation, instrumentation and communications according to the NORMS AND STANDARDS.

The management and control of the plant equipment, focusing on the equipment related to the instrumentation and control system, as well as the activities and process interpretations that serve to maintain or increase the assessment for the plant.

Maintenance Strategies

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance


  • Organization
  • Engineering Department
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Software Tools
  • Research