Engineering : Plans / Programming

In SIGRAMA, we have personnel trained to design and modify pipe and instrument floor plans, electric wiring diagrams, control cabinets distribution plans, MCC's plans, etc. All of them using design software such as Eplan, SolidWork, and Autocad, in American or European standards, allows us the facility to adapt to each client standards. 

In addition to this, we have an engineer's staff that can program from a startup routine to a plant's control strategy and even implement programming algorithms with fuzzy logic mode, which allows us to offer our customers the adequate solutions in these areas. Different programming languages like STL, LAD, Cart, SFC, SCL, CFC and programming Blocks are handled naturally by our engineers, being this guarantee of our flexibility to develop an application.

Project Supervision

In SIGRAMA we recognize that each new project requires specialized supervision for which we have a select group of engineers in the branches of piping, wiring, control and instrumentation with a focus on performance supervising, allowing these specialists to provide detailed tracking of the projects, making reports and enabling your plant engineers to focus on the daily tasks of their processes.

Installation, Commissioning and Start - Up

Every instrumentation and control system requires installation of equipment and instruments. In SIGRAMA we know that this is a core stage, and we count with strategies, plans or activity programs that allow us to watch basic activities for a correct installation of these systems.

Commissioning and Start-Up are validated solutions. SIGRAMA counts with specific testing protocols for each provided solution, that ensures the adequate performance of our applications.

Project Management

Through an orderly project management, it is possible to integrate different disciplines through the experts each company has as part of their human resource, helping our client to get a project on time, on budget, documented and with fewer complications.

In SIGRAMA we aim to offer customers the opportunity to not only develop an excellent engineering, but implementation as well.