Who We Are


  • Supply our customers full quality engineering services and state of art products.
  • With an exceptional attitude, help our clients with the selection of the ideal equipment, services and systems necessary to instrument, supervise and control their process, as well as achieving its optimal operating points.
  • Provide a fertile ground to develop engineering in Mexico.
  • Generate well-being for colleagues, community, environment and shareholders.


To become a leader in the engineering sector with proprietary hardware and software solutions. Therefore, improving our customers productivity and energy efficiency, contributing to the world’s sustainability.

Service Policy

We make our best effort to solve timely, effectively and with excellent mood our duties with clients and colleagues.

Values Business key factors

  • Excellence: We know that excellence is not a static state, but a constant effort. It’s our commitment towards perfection of service, technique and supplies.
  • Team work: This value leads us to humbly recognize our colleagues and own capabilities and, therefore, work together towards higher goals. It is our ability to work with others in a friendly and responsible manner.
  • Responsibility: It is the attitude we assume to fully meet our duties with customers, colleagues and the company itself. It is doing what I must, when I should.
  • Loyalty: It is faithfully fulfilling the duties that we -implicitly or explicitly- acquired with our customers, colleagues, the company and the country. It is our strong commitment to do what is expected from us.
  • Honesty: It is priority to act with truthfulness and maximum efficiency on our company and clients resources and information. We always choose to be lead by the truth.
  • Respect: It is the proper way to act towards ourselves, others and the environment. This value leads us to be prudent and gentle in our words and actions.

Business discipline

  • Overall solution.
  • Detail and depth engineering.
  • Ethics.

Business key factors

  • Attitude.
  • Quality product and services.
  • Knowledge of the client’s process.
  • Technology expertise. 

Organization Chart